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Recalling when I started my business in 2016, I came across the Wayuu bag by chance. I was deeply attracted by its beauty, color, vitality, and strong personal design style. In the past, I was not very interested in so-called ethnic handbags, because they are usually more traditional in design, and it is not easy to match with daily cloths. Later, I discovered that the Western fashion industry has gradually improved the Wayuu bag design since 2009 and brought it into the fashion world. At the time "Vogue" magazine editor Lauren Santo Domingo organized the Mochila Project (backpack project). Later, I gradually learned how Colombian women (traditional craftsmen Artisian) completed a fully handicraft in at least two weeks, one stitch by stitch, including the cultural heritage.

As a young mother who is starting a business, although the process is very hard and faced with countless difficulties, I am still very grateful compared to the quality of life of women living in the third world. Wayuu bags are produced in La Guajira, a desert area, where the Wayuu tribe is very poor. The status of women in the patriarchal society of South America is even more unsightly. I read Reuters reports in the past year that the number of women being abused on Mother’s Day every year is even higher than usual, and there is an upward trend. Women have no status at all. However, the positive influence of the western fashion industry on the local area is to bring the concept of fair trade into it! Our suppliers understand that Europe and the United States have huge demand and have certain requirements for the concept of fair trade. Therefore, some suppliers have already set reasonable rewards for women's craftsmanship in order to support them to live with dignity. This enables the entire economic circle to drive the fashion industry and at the same time make a significant contribution to the disadvantaged. Therefore, this business not only allows me to give my daughters the most time at home during their growth period, but also adds a layer of meaning to society in my daily work.

Now my daughter is six and two years old. I sincerely thank the Colombian women for their contributions and hope that they can all live a loving life with their families. (June 5, 2020)


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